We can’t imagine anything better than a playground, except maybe one that offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of Copenhagen.  The ‘Hedonistic Rooftop Penthouse’ as JDS Architecture calls it, sits perched above one of the most crowded neighborhoods of Nørrebro. To fully optimize the space available, JDS capitalized on the penthouse roof of the co-owned building, creating a ‘missing garden’ with optimum sunlight. The rolling green lawn pops brightly against the smattering grey roofs, as a playful curve of real grass. It’s accompanied by a suspension bridge, bright orange shock-absorbing deck, viewing platform, outdoor kitchen and BBQ and secluded wooden deck. JDS said if best, “Usually a roof defines a final measure of any construction. We imagine cities where people will be the last measure of the environment.”





(Photographs by JDS Architects)

Via knstrct

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