The HI-MACS® House in Bavaria: A House – An Acrylic Stone – A Vision

A house where people can recover from the stresses of everyday life, situated right in the middle of a picturesque natural backdrop – this is what the Dreer family wished for. And their wish was granted – a 1,200 square metre property with an unobstructed view of the green forests of Upper Bavaria, in the direct vicinity of the Ammersee.

Fascinating Construction

In the middle of picturesque nature in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bavaria, the Upper Bavarian native construction style with its typical dark wooden windows and gabled roofs dominates the architectural landscape. This newly constructed house stands in clear contrast to this: Borrowing from the Bauhaus style, the geometry here speaks a clear formal language. The reduced aesthetics of modern construction with a flat roof, cube towers and clear basic forms represent a desire for minimalism and symmetry. The structure, a plain rectangle in a timeless modern style, is augmented by two cubes placed on top of it. The cube-like construction appears futuristic at first glance and represents the new generosity and simple elegance of significant basic architectural forms of the future. This house is one-of-a-kind for the Ammersee region – and, in terms of the future of global architecture, it is a further step towards a clear formal language.

A perfect combination of form, material and quality

Alongside the design-oriented building form, significant focus is placed on the materials used in this house. The ecological balance of their dream house was very important to the builder. The use of natural, breathable materials was thus very high on their list. A decisive selection of materials has allowed a high degree of healthy living in conjunction with an optimal energy balance to be realised. The results: The house is made of wood – but not in the usual sense. The complete shell structure was made from so-called cross laminated timber. This PEFC-certified wood is made from pine boards stacked crosswise on top of each other and glued together. In comparison to standard lumber construction products, cross laminated timber offers extended options for load distribution. Three semi-trucks delivered the tailor-made individual components and the frame for the dream house was constructed in only a few days. The ecological orientation continued to be decisively followed: Natural external bonded insulation from Inthermo was installed throughout the entire 395 square metres. The finest clear white mineral plaster provides the final finish to the exterior. The result: a villa which despite its cubic form is perfectly integrated within the natural environment.








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