When clients approached KWK Promes architects, the most essential item they pointed out was acquiring the feeling of maximum security. The Safe House is a veritable cement transformer, a home with the capacity to achieve maximum security while affording the ability to open up and transform into more vulnerable states.

Architecture firm KWK Promes left no security issue untouched when they designed and constructed the 6,100 sq. ft. fortress. In order to penetrate the Safe House you would need to match all the required security entrance codes. Upon entrance, one would wait in the ‘safety zone’, an area bordered with concrete walls, before being let inside the house. When the home is in its closed state, it is reminiscent of a large concrete Rubik’s Cube. When in its open state, a draw bridge lowers, connecting the home to the indoor swimming pool, movable walls open, mobile shutters come up, and a rolling aluminum gate raises opening the home to an expanse of garden views. The entire home transforms with built in electronic engines, which means the house opens and closes with the touch of a button.
























Via knstrct.com

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