During the Space Shuttle STS-128 mission, Swedish ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang was not only wearing his trusty old Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 watch but on his other wrist, he was wearing an – at that time – unfamiliar watch, the Halda Space Discovery watch. Developed with the help of astronauts aboard of the STS-128, Swedish watch manufacturer Halda was able to fine-tune their Halda Space Discovery watch and finish the production of this timepiece. They are limiting the number of timepieces to 128, referring to the flight number of the NASA Space Shuttle mission in 2009.

Whether the Halda Space Watch will eventually replace the Speedmaster Professional (X-33) remains uncertain, but rumor goes that a number of astronauts got a Halda timepiece. Now that the space shuttle missions have ended, Halda is given some extra time to promote and further develop their Space Watch. The cool thing about Halda watches, is that they can be used as separate modules, like Linde Werdelin’s instruments except that you actually replace one module with the other. In the picture above, you’ll see the digital version of the watch, like the X-33 by Omega. Below, you see the ‘analog’ and mechanical module that replaces the digital module. You instantly have an entirely different timepieces on your wrist, while the craftsmanship and design remains unchanged.




The mechanical module has this vintage A.Schild movement inside, finished by Svend Andersen, like he did with Linde Werdelin‘s blue gold rotor A.Schild movement for the SpidoSpeed SA. Although we’ve seen a lot of A.Schild movements in new watches, this movement is quite special as it ticks at a very high beat rate. Like Zenith’s El Primero, this Halda’s caliber H1920-SA ticks at 36,000 beats per hour (or 5 herz). Pro of these high beat movements is their accuracy, cons might be that they are quite sensitive movements.




Material: The case of the Space Module is made of TECAMAX, a new material certified by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, and proven to meet tough requirements of durability and precision. It is extraordinarily light with outstanding isolation capabilities and strength. It endures extreme temperatures and exposure to acid and chemicals. Each of the Time Modules is uniquely marked with an individual number from 1 to 128.

Case dimension: Diameter 45 mm, Thickness 17,60 mm

Case back: Stainless Steel with a deep etching engraving on case back

Crystal: In space: domed Hesalite crystal / On earth: domed sapphire crystal. When going to space Halda Watch Co. will without cost change the crystal to a domed Hesalite Crystal.

Water Resistant: 5 atm (equivalent to a water pressure at a depth of 50 m)

General: The electronic movement in the Halda Space Discovery is developed in-house by Halda Watch Co. It combines the latest technology and it is constructed with a low power consumption microprocessor. It has a tailor made LCD display with LED backlight.G-Force: Acceleration, the G-force, can be measured automatically during liftoff, during the re-entry phase, or be initiated at a chosen point in time. During measurement, the highest G-force value is stored in a separate memory.


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