Rolling out custom bikes that go by monikers like, ‘Spud’, ‘Pea Shooter’, ‘Ruby’, and ‘Roarer’, Mac Motorcycles definitely does things a bit differently. The trio that makes up Xenophya Designs fabricate with the idea of taking something standard and improving upon it. Founder Ellis Pitt explains. “I wanted to take something from the simplicity and non-conformity that unites the chopper builders with the philosophy of the Italian singles manufacturers from the 1950s and 1960s and the spirit of competition specials.” The gorgeous custom bikes echo retro chopper and bobber details, feature a Buell’ 492cc 5-speed ‘Blast’ engine, and were built with the notion of capturing Harley posture, flat-tracker manners and the handling of a Ducati. Looks like that chaps are Mac Motorcycles are on a roll.












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