This auto parachute concept has been designed to reduce the possibility of loosing valuable lives when jumping out of a high raise building in case of fire or other disasters by offering a fully automatic mechanism. The Auto parachute covers the entire rescue cycle in different ways. It starts working from the moment the escapee is jumping; it takes him or her distant enough from the building with the help of the wind hole through proper posture so that the building can’t catch the parachute after it is launched. Then it opens the parachute in the right moment getting signal from the in-built sensor. After a safe landing, the included LED starts blinking giving the rescuers indication of the location. Finally, auto parachute comprises a first aid kit attached so that primary medical attention can be offered to the escapee.

Designers : Hoyoung Lee, Jinyoung Yun, Hejin Yeo and Jaesik Heo

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