Artificial Topography | Ryumei Fujiki

Architects: Ryumei Fujiki
Location: Kobe city, Japan
Client: Kobe Biennial Committee
Project Team: Fujiki Studio, KOU::ARC, Kensuke Kawamura, Yoshiki Tachi, Shun Simoya, Kohaku Furihata, Yuki Sakurada, Toshihiko Hatori, Yoshito Fukaya, Yuji Uemura, Yuki Ishigami
Colaboration: Yukiko Sato (F.A.D.S)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Ryumei Fujiki, Masahiro Hoshida

The architects idea was to hollow out the inside of a container to build an amorphous space like a cave. This “Artificial Topography” is made of only plastic materials, similar to another famous work “Aqua-scape”. About 1000 sheets of the soft plastic material of 10-mm thickness were cut down in contour line form, and were laminated like a stratum. This project is not only considered art work, but also functions as a large piece of furniture. Because all the portions are soft like a sofa, the sofa provides visitors with a nice space for relaxing. More here

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