Arts Center of the Provincial Museum of Corunna | Angel Alonso + Victoria Acebo

Architects and Construction Management : Angel Alonso and Victoria Acebo
Customer: Hon. Provincial Council of A Coruña
Partners in project management: Fernando Cebrian (Architect) and Jose Yanez (Technical Architect)
Location: A Coruña, Spain
Contest: 2001
Start of construction: 2003
Construction: OHL Galicia, Arturo Lombera and Richard Buján
Structural Engineer: NB 35 – Alejandro Bernabeu
Facilities Engineering: JG engineers
Partners in the competition: Covadonga Martinez-Peñalver and Michael Krueger
Project Partners: Carlos Jimenez, Alejandro Prieto, Malte Eglinger, Nuria Muruais (Architect), Alexandra Rebelo and Carlos Coscollano, Jacok Seyboth (Technical Architect)
Models: Michael Rabold and Jens Rapp
Photo: Ten Saints

Merging two different programs (dance conservatory and museum) into a single entity allowed us to explore the relationship between two structures unrelated to each other in all its aspects: organization, perception, expression, function, construction. Taking into account both of these factors, we could add, subtract, divide, multiply and choose. Like Siamese twins joined at the back, our buildings do not know each other, but they are the same body, the strange form of concrete contains inside the conservatory, while its outer surface defines the space of the museum, which is between the way and the limit.

The conservatory develops inside an arboreal structure of concrete caissons supported in the central nucleus and in the metallic facade. Each drawer accommodates a specific part of the conservatory program (administration, lecture rooms, classrooms, dance). The museum is placed on concrete surfaces and is divided into six different heights connected through a vertical circulation space. The rooms are like branches of a tree, contiguous, successive, connected only by the trunk , this space will function as a wide and versatile place in which many different types of activities can be performed.







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