Block Townhouse Interior in Toronto, Canada | Cecconi Simone

Description by Cecconi Simone

The 662 s.f. show suite is a careful study in urban living, its manifest simplicity belying its essential complexity. It embodies the modern impulse for openness, unity, and fluidity, within which functional parts are accommodated effortlessly. The character of the different zones is easy to read though their interrelationship is dense and multi-faceted.

Three distinct yet continuous areas – dine-cook-live – are defined clearly within the spatial totality, linked by an interplay of surface planes in cadence; horizontal and vertical, matte and reflective, transparent and opaque, dark and light. Deep espresso, custom millwork contracts the space, creating intimacy and warmth, while the white lacquer, custom kitchen island provides visual expansion and release. The oak stair on a single stringer behind floor-to-ceiling plate glass is highlighted with LEDs, imbuing it with complexity and dimensional depth.

As part of the overall design discourse, there are few freestanding or decorative furnishings within the suite. The integrity of its interior architecture stands on its own, enlivened with carefully-calibrated artificial and natural light. Sliding veneer panels – for concealed storage, media, and food preparation – maintain the model’s architectonic focus, ensuring clear and extended sight lines. The eye is led through the space where its discrete elements are introduced then fused into a seamless whole.


Visit the Cecconi Simone website here | Photography by Joy von Tiedemann

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