Sweet Miniatoures and Accessories | Mousse A Boom: Dwra Moudatsou + Eleutheria Papadaki

MOUSSE A BOOM was created by Dwra Moudatsou:

DWRA MOUDATSOU: I am a graduate of architecture in Patras. My father runs a jewelry Santorini, so my contact with the jewelery starts from my childhood. I always like making jewelry for myself and my friends. I can imagine what I make and innate observing my father knew how to fix it. When I went to architecture began to deal even more, always as Hobby, and I took many cues from the school, which you can apply to jewelry. Drawings, geometry, new materials and machines such as laser cutter and especially imagination, could be applied equally to jewelry. As time passes the more I find the relationship between the two that I can work and vice versa ie the architectural jewel. The order in which the sweets are handmade and exclusively made by hand from polymer clay and porcelain miniatures of dollhouses is one with which I decided to deal professionally with the jewelry, that if I liked sweets much. So for almost a year as a mousse a boom deal exclusively with the sweet miniatoures. (email: dmoudatsou@gmail.com)

Eleutheria Papadaki is creating gold bracelets for Mousse A Boom:

ELEUTHERIA PAPADAKI: Dealing with my jewelry started completely random since I always liked to be involved with fashion fashion to observe and write about fashion. I wanted to create something that you liked me at first and then it was beautiful to the eye of another. I work completely amateur and I hope one day to have my first complete collection. I am 24 years old and I come from Thessaloniki and working on writing and writing children’s books. (email: eleutheriapapadaki@gmail.com)

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