Our House | DAR612

Architects: DAR612 d.o.o.
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Authors: Andrea Donatović Poljičak, d.i.a. Morana Lepur Donatović, d.i.a. Jakov Poljičak, d.i.a.
Site area: 1,000 sqm
Bruto area: 400 sqm
Completion: 2009
Photographs: Robert Leš

This residence, located on a steep site with clear views, is designed as a bent stretched out form with a flat roof. The site’s slope is utilised for optimal design of residential units: on each level of the house there is a flat oriented on three sides, with an access to a terrace or a balcony. The office space is located and designed in order to function independently from the residential part of the house. On the north side, the attic is pushed back in respect to the ground floor, which, along with the lowering of the house in relation to the street level, makes the house visually lower and unobtrusive to its surroundings. Continue here.

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