Holiday Home at Aluksnes Lake, Latvia | AB3D Ltd 

Architects: AB3D Ltd.
Location: Alūksne District, Latvia
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 386 sqm
Photographs: Māris Lapiņš, Edgars Gribusts, AB3D

The holiday house project started years ago when a family of five decided to acquire a property located in the North East of Latvia next to the picturesque Aluksnes Lake. When the architects at AB3D were approached to design a new house, the place was already well established with several buildings, old and newly planted trees standing on the plot.

The new building is a contemporary villa designed to complement the surrounding landscape. It sits on the slope, making only one level of the two-level structure visible from the access road. Curvy topography of the place demanded reverse functional order, hence bedrooms and other private functions, including fireplace area and wine cabinet, are placed on the ground level, but living rooms with the dining area and kitchen are organised on the second level. The idea of the third level in a form of viewing platform was developed during the construction works.

All materials used in construction and cladding are chosen for long-term use and include concrete, glass and thermowood. Most of the furniture – cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen and others – are part of the architectural design and provide the connection between architecture and interior. The elegance of modern rural living is accentuated by furniture, a comfortable and light design classic. Continue here.


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