Faraday Porteur Electric Bicycle

San fransico-based faraday bicycles is a new company dedicated to transportation innovation and design. the ‘faraday porteur’ is their first production model, bred to become the first electric propelled utility bicycle built for commuters, cyclist enthusiasts, and those with hill phobia. By implementing hidden state-of-the-art lithium batteries within the frame, the elegant and high-quality city bike becomes comfortable and effortless to ride. its boost mode feature has an active pedal assist that can simplify the daily challenges of riding up steep slopes. Built-in sensors measure how much pedaling is being done, matching the foot stroke through an electric motor. the e-bike incorporates
a quick-release front rack for storage or running errands as well as high powered front and rear LED lights for added safety during night riding. Its battery can be fully recharged in under an hour by plugging into any standard outlet, providing 10-15 miles (15- 20 km) of pedaling assistance. Continue here

The ‘faraday porteur’ was seeking funding on kickstarter.

Via www.designboom.com

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