Aesthetics 125 | Mercedes-Benz

Sculpture “Aesthetics 125”: The latest sculpture from the Mercedes-Benz design team, “Aesthetics 125,” was unveiled during the celebrations. The sculpture continues the unique designers’ philosophy that “Mercedes-Benz design is art” and is an extension of the sculptures presented previously, “Aesthetics No. 1” and “Aesthetics No. 2.” Like them, “Aesthetics 125” provides an outlook on the future design language of Mercedes-Benz. It combines elements of an automobile’s interior and exterior by means of sweeping, almost soaring shape transitions. The model was made by the Mercedes designers using the innovative rapidprototyping technology, which enables digital data to be transferred directly to a design object. The technology works with various materials and applies them in fine layers so that no waste material is produced when a sculpture is created.

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