Fourth Floor, Rooftop Salon in London, UK 

Fourth Floor, the rooftop salon owned by Richard Stepney, accessed by a seemingly dodgy freight elevator, Fourth Floor is bright and open with views of the city’s skyline and art installations throughout, typically bartered for hair services over the years (it’s also how Stepney procured some dental work and a wardrobe of bespoke clothing). The custom shelving, mirrors and lighting were designed by Tom Dixon, who used to have his studio on the ground floor. (We’re presuming he has a lifetime supply of haircuts.) In many ways, Fourth Floor is an organic tableau of the connections Stepney has made over the years.

In a piece for The Independent, novelist Reggie Nadelson describes Fourth Floor as follows: “Trendy in a laid-back sort of way, unisex in an uneventful manner, at Fourth Floor all you get is a brilliant haircut.” That and more. For further information, visit Fourth Floor.


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