Contemporary Brazilian Apartment | Studio Guilherme Torres

The interior of this contemporary apartment was designed by São Paulo-based architects and interior design firm Studio Guilherme Torres. The cute apartment can be found in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. The apartment is 145 m² in size and was in its final phase of completion when the Brazilian architect met its owners. The couple were not happy with the environment arrangements and the traditional interior, so they gave the architect free rein to reformulate the apartment into a chic contemporary abode.

The base for the interior was the fusion of polymer cement, minty and blue colours and the use of a whole wall covered in pinus, a wood that has virtually no commercial value in Brazil. Another highlight of the project was to expose the structural column right in the entrance door, composing a beautiful set with the dinner table. In addition to this all the main pieces of furniture such as tables, sideboards and the sofa are designed by the architect. Images courtesy of Denilson Machado of MCA Estúdio.

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