Heart of the District: Competition Entry, NY | ZA Architects  

Architects: ZA Architects
Location: 23 street,100-130, New York, United States
Team: Arina Agieieva, Dmitry Zhuikov
Client: Tablet hotels
Status: 2nd place in international contest
Function: Hotel
Year: 2012

In their second prize winning design in the international competition, ZA Architects aimed at developing a few new principles of hotel organization. Instead of separating visitors from the environment, the architects intends to embed peoples’ lives in local city life. For this reason, there is no hotel building itself, instead they propose hotel rooms placed in existing buildings (offices, residential) connected with web of hung pathways.

To inhale life in this place we are creating a new type of space – half street/half building, it is a vibrant suspended volume enclosing a number of public activities which will attract and serve not only locals and hotel visitors, but also other curious tourists and city inhabitants. It will inspire vivid public life around the hotel. It is a heart of the district.

Organization: Hotel doesn’t have its private services. All facilities (laundries, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, etc.) are used by hotel visitors and locals mutually. There are a range of entities already on the street – as theatre, gym, trattoria,etc., which will be used along with new, located inside heart, as part of the hotel services. Hotel visitors are provided with “all inclusive” card, which allow to use all aforesaid functions for free.

Mixing and Acquaintance: All communications and people streams conduct through the heart. In which visitors can get via moving ramps and elevators right from the street. Heart itself contains: playground, shop, exhibition space, café, bar, hotel reception, lounge zone, small cinema, library, conference hall. From the inside this volume gives a lot of interesting viewpoints that allows to peek on someones window, or observe the scenery of the street traffic, cityscape and so on. Main function of the heart is to draw folks in and mix, acquaint them inside its tight spaces, while they busy with varied activities.

Habitation: From the heart levels visitors are able to get to the pathways hung to the existing building facades, which lead to hotel rooms scattered on the old buildings. Neighboring office workers and tenants can inlay doors to these balcony-ways and use them and all given public facilities as well. From the rooms mounted, for instance in the office block, it is possible to take a glance on the everyday life of it workers through the small circular windows in the partition. It is also possible to make a door and way out of the room through existing building. Continue here

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