Möllmann Residence near Bielefeld, Germany | Wannenmacher + Möller

Wannenmacher + Möller designed the Möllmann Residence near Bielefeld, Germany.

The Möllmann residence is located in a residential area, mainly comprising detached houses, outside Bielefeld. The traditional regional architecture served as a point of orientation for the exterior of the house. In accordance to the barns that are popular for agricultural use in this rural region the residence was designed as a lengthened, rectangular structure with a double-pitched roof without overhang. The masonry facades on three sides in quarry stone also refer to the traditional architecture in rural regions.

Although the house includes formal references to regional traditions the character of its interior is still consistently modern. The open plan allows the rooms to flow into one another and the complete glazing of the side of the building shell that faces the garden allows the inside to melt into the outside. Numerous built in storage elements, benches and storage rooms provide sufficient storage inside the house to allow the main living zones being kept free of objects for everyday use.

Reduction to only a few materials and colours – Italian sandstone for the floor, white plaster for walls and ceilings, oiled oak for the benches and glass and grey aluminium for the windows – gives the rooms a soothing calmness. With the support of a minimum of furnishings the architecture develops an ascetic austerity.

Architecture: Wannenmacher + Möller | Photography: Csaba Mester

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