Hasharon House 1 in Israel | Sharon Neuman Architects

Rishpon-based studio Sharon Neuman Architects has designed the Hasharon House 1, a 2,200 square foot contemporary home located in Israel.

Description by Sharon Neuman Architects:

“The house was planned for a young family with 3 children, on a lot with a wide open view to the back, overlooking agricultural fields. After giving a great amount of consideration to the functionality of the space and the movement scheme, we have decided to build a split level house, placing the master bedroom half way between the public area and the children’s space.

The scheme evolved into an L shape plan with the Master Bedroom placed in the middle, outside the L, being surrounded by its 2 wings. Since basement was not part of the requirements, we decided to hang the Master Bedroom as a cantilever, thus freeing the space beneath it, enlarging the garden and allowing interesting views across the lot. (The building code allows a space to be under 180 cm height, if it’s not to be included in the meters you pay taxes for, so the height is 179 cm). Using the same methods, an entire wall was hung between the living room area and the staircase \ kitchen \ dining.”

Photos courtesy of Sharon Neuman Architects

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