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Interior Stylist in Adelaide

What is a stylist? If you look at the dictionaries/encyclopedia, you will see that there is no exact meaning. However, it is agreed that it is someone with a “good style”. But if you have to believe the popular television programs, anyone with a “good style” can call themselves Stylist.

interior styling result

How often do you see that in a “makeover” a lady or gentleman comes with a bag full of pillows and candles, which spreads through the room, rolls out a carpet, a bunch of flowers and voila, restyling complete? Nice, but too short when you talk about the trained Interior Stylist.

What is important in finding/finding a good Interior Stylist in Adelaide: that he/she fits you!

Google INTERIOR STYLIST and a laundry list with names and desks are rolling out. But which is the right one? Portfolios and way of writing can tell you a lot about the person behind the website.

Of course, a good stylist can put down any style, but there are really more advantages to taking in a stylist.

  • He/she helps you to make a realistic plan. Listen to your wishes and point out the possibilities and impossibilities.
  • Helps you choose the style that suits you. In case, of work playing, for example, he/she will explain the advantage of a house style. A so-called Corporate Identity is of great importance for the company and customer. It shows who you are and what you stand for, you carry a message. It is important that your workplace has the same corporate identity, this in order to get the employees to understand that message so that they can also bring it out again.


  • He/she makes a complete plan for space/home. Think of eg a scale drawing with a furniture plan, a color plan, a lighting plan, and even an accessory plan is possible.
  • He/she is aware of the materials on the “market” and will be able to provide advice on this basis. So: which furniture fits your lifestyle/budget, which materials are most suitable for your floor and are best shown in the room/house. Which lighting comes true etc. Everything happens in consultation, with taste, preference, and budget, of course, as a guide.
  • During the execution, he/she can always be available for more information, can train/advise professionals and keep an eye on the intended end result.

For all of the above do not think that everything can only be done according to the latest trends, with the most expensive materials and brands, that his / her taste is decisive! Everything happens in consultation! Partial restyling is also possible! While maintaining (apart) your furniture, with eg adjustment of color and other setups etc. still create a very fresh new look.

Sales styling is increasingly being applied by the Interior Stylist in Adelaide. Why? Do not you sell your interior but your house? That’s right, but you sell a house with an atmosphere better than with an inconspicuous interior.
The potential buyers must be able to place themselves in the house, it does not have to be their taste in terms of decor, but it does seem that there is atmosphere possible.

Interior Styling Plan

A good interior plan forms the basis for your design. But you need advice about that. Advice is given by a professional. Someone who knows what he is doing and fully understands your style and taste.

Mart specializes in interior design advice. Because we understand that you are not just going to tack, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes. Because how is that actually done, such interior styling? And is such an interior plan so important?

Interior stylist in Adelaide advice consists of several phases. These phases are followed step by step, in order to come to the best possible interior design with you.

Step 1: The orientation phase

During the orientation phase, you will be talking to one of our interior stylists for the first time. Pretty exciting, because you want to feel that your taste and wishes are good. That is why we always start with a good acquaintance. This way the stylist knows who you are and what you want.

Take a sketch or construction drawing of your house during the first interview. This way we can already think along in the architectural process or provide you with practical tips and tools.

Step 2: Family activities in the picture

Based on your sketch or construction plan, we bring the family activities that take place inside the house into the picture. This way we can create the most practical possible layout for you that best suits your specific situation. In the basic layout, the stylist takes into account the pieces of furniture you already have and shows them different layout options. Based on your wishes and ideas, you ultimately choose a basic format that suits you and your home best.

Step 3: Collect impressions

The stylist now asks you to collect as many beautiful impressions as possible from home magazines or via the internet. You actually make a kind of mood board. A sign that helps you to determine your own style and taste in a simple way. The impressions of your mood board will soon form the basis of your design.

Step 4: Choose furniture

Based on your mood board and basic plan, you will search for suitable furniture together with the stylist. You do not look directly at the color, but especially at the style and shape of the furniture. After all, your furniture has to fit perfectly into the space you want to decorate. Your mood board ensures that the stylist knows what you are looking for quickly and easily.

That saves a lot of time and searching. Of course, you can always deviate from your plan if you come across something else that you really like.

Step 5: Searching for the right substance

When you agree on the furniture, you look for a suitable upholstery. Here you pay attention to fabric or leather type, color, and design. The stylist shows suitable combinations and helps you to bring as much harmony as possible in color and shape. In this way, you prevent your living room from consisting of several elements that have been gathered together, without it radiating unity.

Step 6: Carpet, cabinets, and tables

Now that you have chosen your new furniture, it is time for the next step. Depending on your basic plan, you will look for a matching rug. Here, too, the interior stylist gives a color recommendation that fits best with your furniture. The same applies to any matching cabinets or coffee tables. Everything is tuned to the color and style of your furniture. That way you create peace and unity in your home.

Step 7: Determine your wall color

Now that your interior is complete, you can determine the wall color and the material. Do you opt for gray, or rather for off-white? For tough chalk or lime paint or rather a wallpaper? The stylist advises you which color and style best suits your interior. And of course also what is most practical in your specific situation.

Step 8: Window covering

The last step in the styling process is to select the window coverings. Here too, the type of window coverings is strongly related to your interior and house style. Do you choose curtains from authentic robust fabrics, stylish voile, velor and linen? For a contemporary design or just uni? Or maybe you go for the shutters or roman blinds?

Fortunately, you do not have to make all these choices alone. On the basis of your plan and other furniture, the interior stylist can make a quick selection of the fabrics and materials that best suit your interior.